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Ken, My sister spent a few weeks in Eugene, and she got me a copy of 'We Were Arrested'
at Tsunami books. This is terrific ! The narrative is so smooth, very reader friendly. I think
you are on to something here Ken. I'm thinking this book is going to do very well.
Take Care

Steve Schmale
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                     OLDPAGES 66



                                                                                                                WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2020

                                                                                       Someone asked me what I was doing about Coronovirus and I replied,
                                                                              "Baking bread."


                                                                    And then someone else asked me the same thing and I told him, "Doing
                                                                            my taxes," and he said, "They've extended it until July 15th," and I said,
                                                                            "Rate I'm going, it will take that long."


                                                                            Still have to do the work around the place. Big dead pine tree had its
                                                                                     top half blown down in a windstorm, finally getting around to cutting
                                                                                     it up, Bro-in-law Meade helping. The log awaits.


                                                                                      My big book, Cronies, 582 manuscript pages, a literary burlesque (defined as an
                                                                                       historical occurance embellished with inventions and exagerations) is still in
                                                                                       New York City with my agent who is diligently seaching for a publisher. Been
                                                                                       a long time, hope 2020 is the year.

                                                                                                   FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2020 
                                            Happy Valentine's day to Robert R.I.P. Hunter. Photo triptrych by
                                                                                        James Mena, used with permission of the photographer.


                                                        FEBRUARY 2, 2020                       

                                                                                         In the big snowstorm last February we had two giant oak trees take a beating. This
                                                                                        one had limbs fall over the top of the van I use for a summer time office, none of the
                                                                                        limbs hitting the van, but crouching over it like a spider.


                                                                                    I was cutting on this big branch and it started to slide, so I gave it a push and
                                                                                    it slid to the ground and turned on its side, leaving it easy to cut into firewood,
                                                                                    then load the pieces in the trailer, drive to the woodshed and stack.


                                                                    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 2019

                                                                         NOW ON YOUTUBE, THE READING AT BEND, OREGON


                                                                        Here is the url for the youtube of my reading in Bend, Oregon, Wednesday, October 30. 55 minutes
                                                                        but the reading is 30 and the Q&A the other 25


                                                                        SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2019
Coming up this coming Wednesday, October 30, in Bend, Oregon
Admission free but must go online for a ticket. Doors at 6:30 pm
Reading at 7 pm. Q and A to follow reading. I will be selling ($10 each)
and signing books: Who Shot The Water Bufflo and We Were
Arrested. Reading will be streamed live on Facebook


                                                          Here is the youtube of the reading I did at Ken Sanders Rare Book Store in
                                                          Salt Lake City on September 28, 2019: "What Happened To That Movie?"

                                                                           SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2019

 Had a great reading at Ken Sander’s bookstore in Salt Lake City. The staff was tremendous, a
good turnout and they dug the show. In one part of piece I was reading I told about the time
Kesey had his house broken into and his dad's cuff links stolen. Another guy told Kesey where the
thief lived so Kesey and I went to his place, a real tweaker mess, broken down trailer, junk in the
yards. Kesey tried the door, went in, came out with the cuff links. A rasty old woman from across
the street came over yelling, "What are you doing, you can't just go barging in there, who are you anyway?
"Mormons," Kesey said, brushing past her. "Do you want to buy a Watchtower?"
The audience cracked up, biggest laugh I've ever gotten. Only in Salt Lake City.


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