I bought up all the paperbacks of my book
Who Shot The Water Buffalo and am selling
them cut rate.


I can receive credit card payments through paypal. Go to:


and click on the shop now banner at the top of the page.
Free shiping in the U.S. All books signed. Say if you want a special inscription.
Thanks, Ken

An excerpt from the book:

            We’re up on the board. Part of a two flight assignment. Captain Beamus and Ben-San leading,
Cochran and me on their wing. Cochran is the big Greek-Irish lout. I’m Tom Huckelbee, the short
Texican counterpart.

            Captain Beamus is always puckered, but today he’s tighter than ever. Where the hell did he
get his flight suit cleaned and starched? It’s got creases for Chrissake. He stands looking us over,
scowling at our baggy, bloodshot eyes. He straightens Ben-San’s collar, adjusts my pistol belt, glares
at Cochran.

            “This is an important run,” he says. “We’ll be carrying dignitaries of the highest order.”
He looks around, makes sure no one else can hear. “Connected all the way to the top . . .”

            “You don’t mean the Pope?” Cochran interrupts.

            “As you were, Lieutenant. Presidential relationship. Be on the top of your game. Sharp.
No screwing around.”

Here's a take on the book from a reader:

 Great read! A few random thoughts, in no order:

•It really screams for a screen adaptation somewhere between M*A*S*H* and Band of Brothers.

•Living in Southern California, I particularly enjoyed the “training” chapters because I know of all the places mentioned.
•The hiijinks never lets up, but the war insidiously creeps in more and more. Well paced.
•What I call the “Fear and Loathing in Tokyo” section is stellar madness
•Great character development, epilogue was a nice touch.
•Dinner and drinks with the Admiral(?) and his wife was hilarious (flashes of JD Salinger)

Ken, you can tell a story with the best of them. This is going in my permanent reading rotation.

Buy this book! 10 out of 10

-- Mark Terpening



                     OLDPAGES 65

                                                     WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2018 
                               Nancy's Yogurt

How do we know when our yogurt is ready? We ask Chuck! Nearly every
night since 1970, our creamery co-founder has been personally checking
our yogurt be sure the flavor, consistency, probiotic growth, and balance
is just right. And, to sneak a taste, of course!    

 THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2018  

                                                                                                 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2018

I gets me gnus from the funnies.

                                                                                                     FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018
                                                                Excerpt from a book I'm reading:


                                                                MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2017 

                                                        Took in a couple of Oregon duck basketball games

                                                        Bill Walton, Dave Pasch and the Oregon Duck send greetings.

                                                                        After the game, Bill had me sit in the announcer's chair

                                                                        It was announced that day that Dead and Company would
                                                                        be playing at Autzen Stadium in Eugene on June 30. Bill came prepared.

                                                                        When the duck opens the trash can the crowd yells. He keeps
                                                                        doing it, playing the yells, until the last loudest one.

                                                                   SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2017





                                                                                                 A SANTA KESEY STORY BY KEN BABBS ON YOUTUBE
                                                                                                                                                    CLICK ON:

                                                                                                                                                SANTA KESEY

                                                                                                                                Live on Eric Alan's show on KLCC radio

                                                                            SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2017


  A card the size of a license, on one side it said "kard carrying prankster," and on
the other side was a perfect replication of Neal Cassady's driver's license. I put it
in my wallet and then forgot about it. About a year or so later I was pulled over
for a minor traffic infraction and I accidentally gave the officer the "prankster card,"
and the officer took it, looked at it, turned it over, looked at it again, handed it back
to me and said, "okay, you can go!" I often wonder if that cop was amused, startled
or a secret prankster himself
-- Chris Statler

                                                                          SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2017


Riding lawnmower I use all winter as a small tractor to haul my trailer
around, mostly for moving firewood from the splitter to the woodshed,
went on the fritz; starter kaplooey. Not going to replace it myself, too
many tiny nuts and bolts in hard to reach places; instead, I'll haul it
to my mechanic friend, Markus Bennett.


First back the trailer up to the mower, gonna be a tight fit. Next, raise the trailer front with the tractor rear bar.    Use a come-a-long to pull the mower up onto the trailer, just barely fits.


Tow the trailer and riding lawnmower down to a flat spot in the driveway and jack up the trailer to keep it level and move the tractor out of the way.


Hook up the truck to the trailer and drive to the mechanic.     Now it sits, partially fixed, waiting for the final put back together.





My good old work truck, '74 Chevy half ton, 350 engine went on the fritz.
Not getting enough gas, even though the fuel pump was working okay. Put
in a new carbuetor.

Still wouldn't start. Got a spark to the plugs, which was a good thing. Didn't want to have
to deal with the electronic ignition, the distributor all the way back to the firewall, too hard
for me to get at.

Mechanic friend said, change the spark plugs. That did the trick. Now, still working on
getting the idle smoothed out, adjusting the two idle screws on the front of the carburetor.

                                                                               MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY


Kesey at Lane Community College

       The following is from an interview with Kesey by Carla Perry

         "Coincidence is an element of mystery because it happens so many times. It’s best if you
just quit arguing with it. It’s more than serendipity. It’s more than coincidence. There’s a sense
of intelligence to it. This isn’t just random magic, this is magic for our benefit. Things are arranged
with a red line drawn under it saying Pay Attention To This.

         "Everybody is still paying attention. The kids are paying attention. But they’re paying attention
to the wrong thing. They’re paying attention to the loudest noise. If you’re a kid of three or four and
your parents are paying attention to television all the time, and you get in front of the television
just when there’s a gun battle going on, the parents will say, ‘Get out of the way!’ The kid is going
to say, ‘Look, what do I have to do to get attention?’ And what he does is he goes out and gets a gun
and that’s the quickest way in the world to get people’s attention. I think it’s going to be a good long
while before we get over television and the gun shows. The Wild West attitude. Let’s kill all the buffalos
because we’re white. But we have to get over that attitude or we won’t survive as a nation. We’ll tear
each other to


Carla Perry earned a BA in poetry from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and is the
author of two books of poetry and many published essays, interviews, and short stories. She was editor
and publisher of "Wild Dog Magazine," and the international literary journal, "Talus & Scree." She is
also the founder and former executive director of Writers On The Edge and the Nye Beach Writers’ Series
and is the owner of Dancing Moon Press. This interview was first published in Tin House Magazine
April 2002.


        TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2017




Independent neighborhood bookstores have, it seems to me, a unique kind of power;
every book they sell lands in some local household, or better yet gets passed around among
several households; and if it’s a good and worthy book, its influence in that community may
be felt for generations. Good books have resonance; they teach us how to behave, and our
behavior touches everyone around us. When a book is read by all of us—or some of us, or
even just a few of us—, it connects us to each other, via an intricate web of shared information.
You and I may not know one another at all, but we both know Randle P. McMurphy very well.

         There’s an old joke about a little boy with a toothache. His mother sends him to the dentist,
who pulls the offending tooth. When the boy comes home holding his still-aching jaw, his
mother says, “Well, how’s the toothache?”

         “The toof don’t hurt,” the boy says ruefully, “but the toof-hole do.”

         If the effort to save Tsunami fails, the loss to Eugene’s arts community will truly be
incalculable. The toof-hole will hurt forever.



Fall is not ony in the air, it is on the ground, covered with big maple leaves the rain knocked
off of the trees. It's the time for gathering of the bounty, which includes firewood.

The old reliable 74 chevy half ton pickup, used for wood hauling, lost its fuel pump,
I put in a new one and since then the carburetor has been acting up, I put in a new
one, now the truck won't start. Time to call in the professional.

Fortunately, before the truck went belly up, I was able to cut and split a big load of
wood, split just enough to lift the chunks into the truck, but now the chunks need
to be split again into wood stove size.

And I've got the dude to do the splitting, hydraulically speaking. Throw the chunks
into the trailer, pull it behind my riding lawnmower to the woodshed seen in the
background, and stack the pieces to keep them dry.

     SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2017

Been cleaning up the backyard, getting rid of clutter and junk, many trips to the
dump and now the leaves have created a colorful carpet.

Front yard still a mess, why did I think I could drag old motorhomes into the place and
tear them apart for scrap metal and recyclables and make some money? Nevah hoppen.

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